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Vince Neil's Arena Football team ownership isn't quite a done deal.  The Jacksonville Sharks management has issued a statement saying the Motley Crue frontman is still "in talks" with the team about becoming a minority partner. 

Sharks rep Jeff Bouchy adds that "those discussions do not include moving the team to another market."  Bouchy admits the rocker "has aspirations" to launch an expansion team in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.  But he explains that if Neil becomes a Sharks co-owner he'll help to "elevate the Sharks brand on a local and national level" in Jacksonville, Florida, and in exchange learn about the business of the sport. 

Neil reportedly told a Las Vegas newspaper earlier this week that he was a new Sharks owner.  He also mentioned introducing an AFL team to Vegas, but didn't specifically say he intended to move the Sharks out of Florida. 

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