Santa Rosa Road closures:


County-wide road flooding continues. Standing water creates a serious road hazard including road damage that may not be visible. Do not remove road barricades on closed roads or bridges.  Residents are urged to stay off the roads if possible.


Updated road closure list (new listings highlighted):


·        Intersection of Avalon Boulevard and Carol Road in Milton

·        Intersection of Pace Lane and Skipper Lane in Pace

·        Intersection of Ward Basin Road and Hickory Hammock Road in East Milton

·        Intersection of Hwy. 89 and Pine Blossom Road

·        Intersection of Munson Highway and Bubba Lane

·        Hilarita Circle in Pace

·        Intersection of Sheridan Drive and Stephens Road

·        Intersection of Armstrong Road and Industrial Boulevard

·        Intersection of Easter Street and Metron Way

·        Interstation of Canal Street and Walker Street

·        Intersection of Dogwood Drive and Rosasco Street

·        Intersection of Avalon Boulevard and Shamrock

·        Intersection of Stewart Street and park Avenue

·        Intersection of Johnson Road and Cathy Street

·        Village Parkway between North Marseille and South Marseille

·        Hamilton Bridge on Hamilton Bridge Road in Pace


  • Intersection of Hwy. 98 and Green Briar Parkway in Gulf Breeze
  • Intersection of Diamond Street and Floridatown Road due to compromised roadway in Pace
  • Street erosion  reported in 3900 block of Vivian Court in Pace
  • East Bay Blvd./399 between Moss Cove and Paso de Vivoz in Navarre
  • Pace Patriot Road in Pace
  • Whiting Field Circle in Milton
  • Giddens Road in Pace
  • Intersection of Chumuckla Highway and Howell Pit Road in Chumuckla
  • Intersection of North Spencerfield and West Spencerfield Roads
  • Intersection of Chumuckla Highway and Norris Road in Pace due to compromised roadway
  • U.S. Hwy. 98 between Ortega Park Drive and Pullum Street
  • U.S. Hwy. 90 from Woodbine Road to the Glover Lane area