Foo Fighters are getting closer to Monday's (August 11th) big announcement, but in the meantime the band may have already leaked the cover art and the first eight seconds of the band's highly anticipated eighth album. The group started posting coordinates on social media that corresponded to the locations of the eight cities in which the band recorded the new disc, along with pieces of artwork depicting a section of each one. When all the pieces of artwork were combined, they formed one massive metropolis with the number "8" rising from the center.

In addition, the band posted a short, eight-second clip online in which frontman Dave Grohl lets out an ear-piercing scream of "All rise!"

  • The Foos hinted earlier this week that "big news" was arriving next Monday (August 11th).
  • It's likely that the news will be related to the group's eighth studio album, which is due out in November. The Foos have yet to reveal a title or exact release date for the set.
  • The recording of the disc took place in iconic studios in eight different cities around the United States, with the Foos also collaborating with local artists in each region.
  • The entire journey will be chronicled in Sonic Highways, an eight-part documentary directed by Dave Grohl that will premiere on HBO on October 17th.