Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan and his wife welcomed a new daughter named Lei Li Agostina Maria on Friday, July 25th at 7:19 p.m. According to Blabbermouth, the baby weighed in at seven pounds and measured 19 inches. The news was revealed via the Instagram account of Keenan's side band Puscifer on Tuesday (July 29th).

  • Keenan has an 18-year-old son named Devo from a previous relationship.
  • Devo sang backing vocals on A Perfect Circle's "Thirteenth Step" and was later credited as a cellist on the song "Sword" from Ashes Divide, the solo project of A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel.
  • Devo also performed at his father's 50th birthday party in Los Angeles earlier this year.
  • Tool guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey recently revealed that several lawsuits have contributed to the long delay in making Tool's first album since 2006.
  • The legal hassles started in 2007 when a friend of the band created artwork for the group and sued for "one fifth of the money we've ever made," according to Jones.
  • An insurance company that Tool had hired for the sole purpose of defending the band against lawsuits then sued the band over technicalities regarding the case. Tool countersued the insurer, with the case finally going to trial next January after seven years.