Metallica surprised fans at the band's Orion Music + More festival on Saturday afternoon (June 8th) by playing its 1983 debut disc Kill 'Em All from beginning to end on a smaller stage at the event, which took place at Belle Isle in Detroit. Metallica was officially announced to play a headlining set on Sunday (June 9th) to close out the festival, but hit the stage at 4:30 p.m. one day earlier for a 10-song set that started with "Hit The Lights" and finished out with "Metal Militia." The afternoon slot was officially taken by an "act" called DeHaan -- which Metallica fans may have recognized as the name of actor Dane DeHaan, who is starring in the band's upcoming 3D movie, Metallica Through The Never. Another hint was dropped when Metallica frontman James Hetfield posted a message on Instagram which read, "Don't miss Dehaan! #MUYA #mff #UwillRegretMissingThem #IfUdoUmightKillEmAll #winkWink #getIt?" Hetfield came onstage first to introduce "DeHaan," after which the rest of the members of Metallica came out and began playing.