Godsmack has released a second new song from the band's upcoming album, 1000 Horsepower, called "Generation Day." Erna told Grammy.com that the tune is one of his favorites from the new disc, saying, "‘Generation Day’ is really unique for me because not only is it this six-and-a-half minute epic, but it has these really cool textures and colors in it. The middle section has this cool,Zeppelin-y kind of breakdown, drifty and trippy. The song has this really fat, cool opening riff, and it’s something I almost think we want to open the live show with.”

Erna added that the song was inspired by the idea that his generation will be possibly the last to experience "analog" music and not just digital recordings and copies. He explained, "‘Generation Day’ is about realizing that this new era is taking over . . . when I think about that whole world, I feel sad and wish my daughter and the people (who) are younger could have had that experience of putting on an album and pulling out the lyrics and looking at the artwork. It was such an experience back then.”

  • 1000 Horsepower is due out on August 5th and follows up 2010's The Oracle.