Statue of Liberty with Flag

Apparently remembering the September 11th terrorist attacks with a discount round of golf isn't cool. Wisconsin golf course Tumbledown Trails found out the hard way when their 9/11 promotion went viral and created a social media firestorm.

The deal offers golfers nine holes of golf, with a cart, for $9.11 or 18 holes of golf, with a cart, for $19.11. The regular rate for nine holes is $26, while 18 runs $43.

The course's operators tried to smooth the ruffled feathers by apologizing, and saying they would still honor the special price, but would "donate the difference between our normal rate" and the special price to the 9/11 Memorial.

But the angry messages kept coming, so they tried to point out that they're really not bad people with the message: "We are a family-owned business and proudly support all local charities and have always gave 29 percent off every day to all police, fire, emergency, military, etc. Please accept our apology."

Apparently that still wasn't good enough to stop the outrage and the course's owner and general manger has received death threats, so the sheriff's department will be posting a deputy at the course.