They take their soccer very seriously in Brazil: Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has been the victim of verbal and physical taunts, as well as death threats, after an incident in which he "desecrated" the jersey of the most popular club team in the country, if not all of South America. According to TMZ, Smith was at a drum clinic in the city of Belo Horizonte on Sunday (November 3rd) when he was handed a jersey from the Flamengo soccer club -- which he then shoved down the back of his pants and pretended to wipe himself with. The crowd immediately began booing and one fan even threw something at Smith's head. The incident was caught on video and has made its way onto the Web, with fans on the Chili Peppers' current South American tour making even more vicious comments online. Ahead of the Chili Peppers' show in Rio on Saturday (November 9th), people were posting threats online like: "Will arrive in Rio de Janeiro you will die motherf***er," and "the fans of Flamengo wants to kill you, are already planning to invade his show to throw rocks at you." Smith apologized for the incident via Twitter on Friday (November 8th), writing, "I want to apologize for my inappropriate antics at the drum clinic, my joke about team rivalries went too far. Flamenco [sic] fans...I'm sorry." The Chili Peppers are slated to return to South America next spring as part of the 2014 Lollapalooza lineup in several countries, where hopefully no one will offer Smith a soccer jersey.