I guess it's not really a cure, but it will do the trick. I don't know how many people I have met that suffer from motion sickness & it can ruin a road trip quicker than anything. Some engineers in France have invented a new type of glasses that can CURE you if you're carsick.  They're called Seetro├źn glasses. The frames don't have lenses.  Instead, there's just a blue liquid sloshing around in the lower half of the rims.  And it helps by mimicking what's happening with the fluid in your inner ear, which plays a big part in your sense of balance. Motion sickness happens when your brain gets conflicting information from your eyes and inner ears.  So the idea is that being able to see the liquid moving around in the rims helps your brain make sense of everything. But instead of just one frame in front of each eye, there's also a frame on each SIDE to catch your peripheral vision.  



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