What's Your Personality Type?

A new study out of Northwestern came up with four distinct personality types. It appears that we all fit into one of them. I know we all want to be Role Models, but let's just be honest about which one we really are!  If I had to guess I'm Reserved at this point in my life. We don't stick with one our entire lives, I've definitely been Self-centered and Average throughout my life...maybe soon I will hit Role model. Where are you?

1.  Average.  You're relatively agreeable, conscientious, extraverted, and neurotic.  But you're a little cautious when it comes to trying new things.  Apparently that's most of us.

2.  Reserved.  You're less extraverted, neurotic, and open to new things.  But you're still emotionally stable, conscientious, and agreeable.

3.  Self-centered.  You're VERY extraverted, but score lower in the other four traits.  People under 21 are more likely to fit into that one.  Especially teenage boys.

4.  Role model.  You score high in all of the categories except neuroticism.  So you're extraverted, open to new experiences, agreeable, and emotionally stable.  People over 40 were more likely to fit into that one.



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