Destiny 2 Trailers Are Here And We Feel....


Some of you are still playing Destiny, others of you are burnt out (like me). Destiny was straight fire before it was released, then it was plagued with a buggy launch and after a while we started realizing we're replaying the same maps.... And the story was forgettable. But hey loot, right? Phat, phat loot. 

Then Destiny started to get a little better, but some of you jumped ship by that time. Then there was a lot of emphasis with multiplayer events. Which was fun, until it was just too much of a grind to get any of said phat loot.

Now Bungie is back with Destiny 2. Is this the answer to our sci-fi/fantasy prayers? Or will it treat us like another one night stand...

The trailers imply that everyone is starting over. Will our emblems and skins carry over Bungie? Please, please, I worked hard for that Crimson Tea skin (makes me feel purdy). Right now, there's not a ton of info, just hype setting. 

Also, I wish the gamer felt larger. Replaying the same maps, but unlocking more and more of it each time was kind of a cop out for me. The game was gorgeous, but damn did I feel claustrophobic game-wise. I mean are there better, larger open world options that you can think of? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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