The Lex & Terry Show is an original blend of vibrant personalities and engaging conversations on lifestyle, relationships, current events, news, sports, pop culture, and opinion with a ton of edgy humor. With all that there’s regular contesting, give aways and guests from the TV, film, music, sports, literary spectrums as well. On the air since 1997, Lex & Terry bridge the gap between talk show and entertainment, creating an intoxicating lifestyle program that appeals to men...and yes, the ladies dig them too!

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Rumor Has It That Lex Doesn't Like Our Listeners

The Lost Stories from Sarah B

Sarah B does know how to tell a story

Terry Is In Trouble

Okay but is anyone gonna do anything about it?

Look Cute She'll Come Down Here

Okay but what would it take to get her to come

Right In My Face

Get out of my face before I drop you

He's an Insecurity Guard

If your secrutiy guard is insecure you might be in trouble

Do You Even Know What A Salad Is

Or do you know how to toss a salad??

Dee & his Wife Have That Boob Sweat LOVE

Hey if you're going to love sweat, might as well be that kind of sweat

Dee's Wife Wanted Nothing To Do with A Hall Pass

Would you ever give a hall pass if you get one back?

DJ Button Pushin Bitch

Imagine pushing buttons randomly on a talk show