Do You Cut The Mustard to Drive the Wienermobile? I Did!

Want a job you can "relish?" Do you have an appetite for adventure, a friendly personality & boundless enthusiasm? Do you want to be the face of Oscar Mayer through radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, grocery store and military visits, & charity functions? If you said YES you could be an official Oscar Mayer Hotdogger!

I can tell you from a first-hand experience IT IS THE GREATEST JOB EVER right out of college!

Oscar Mayer recruits recent college grads with a BA or BS in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising, or marketing...But accepts other degrees as well. Most important thing to be able to “cut the mustard” is a love for travel, self-starter, driven, people person that of course LOVES OSCAR MAYER HOTDOGS!

After graduating from Penn State I KNEW I had to become a Hotdogger for Oscar Mayer.

If chosen to pilot the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for a coast to coast wiener will be on the road for one year with a full time salary, weekly meal/travel allowance, and the best ride of your life!

I got to 25 States while on the hotdog highways and have memorizes to last a life time. Not to mention my 11 “bunderful” friends that I made through the Wienermobile experience.

There are 6 Wienermobiles on the road and 2 partners to each vehicle. You spend half the year in one region with a partner and switch regions & partners about half way into the year.

I even got my Job at iHeartRadio because of the Wienermobile. I pulled up in my delicious vehicle as my hotdog tour was coming to an end in hopes that a position would be available. At the very least it would make for a great story to tell the grand-kids someday. Sure enough it worked!

You can hear me on TK101 Sunday 10p-12a & handling all things digital for our 8 Stations in Mobile/Pensacola.

Still trying to shake the Wiener-girl nickname, but the hotdog puns will be ingrained in me forever.  

If you have any questions about the position I “relish” the opportunity to speak with you more about it. ;)

They are excepting applications NOW until January 31st. You can apply online: HERE 

Ketchup with you later!

Tasty T

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