Mike Shinoda Drops Two New Songs ‘Prove You Wrong,’ ‘What the Words Meant’

Mike Shinoda has shared two new songs. "Prove You Wrong" and "What The Words Meant" are both featured on the deluxe edition of the Linkin Park emcee's debut solo album Post Traumatic.

The first song sees Shinoda oscillate between rapping during the verses and singing the chorus, where he declares "This will be the day That/ I prove you wrong." As the song progresses, the music slowly builds up to a powerful ending where Shinoda is joined by ferocious guitar, drums, and backup vocals.

The second song is more atmospheric and introspective. Electronic drums clap and synths flutter as Shinoda sings "I never understood what the words meant" before admitting, "the words were never written for me."

Listen to "Prove You Wrong" and "What The Words Meant" below.


Shinoda released Post Traumatic last June, almost a year after the death of his close friend and bandmate Chester Bennington, and admitted that its conception was like therapy for him.

"It's basically chronologically created in a certain way, so in terms of the events of the last nine months, it started in a really dark place, and then slowly as things in my life got brighter, the music did too. That's something you notice from beginning to end on it," he told iHeartRadio at the time.

Photo: Getty Images


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