Budgeting Tips

Right now I think we are all concerned about money. I know I have already way overspent on my food budget. Yes it will all be consumed, but it has me looking at other bills and trying to figure out ways to cut some corners. I managed to find some tips on how to budget while we are dealing with this time of uncertainty.

  1. Check with credit card companies to see if they'll freeze your payments for a few months. A lot of my credit card companies have already sent a note saying that they are here to help.
  2. Cancel anything on auto-pay that's not necessary.
  3. Don't borrow from your 401k unless there's no other option. That's always solid advice, believe me I've thought about that and always been told not to go there unless there is absolutely no other way.
  4. Look for free and cheap ways to pass time. I've been going for walks around the neighborhood and trying to maintain my 6 foot distance. I will admit that since I'm close to the Gulf it makes that walk a little nicer, especially when the Blue Angels are practicing. I keep saying that I'm going to take this time to start really deep cleaning and getting rid of the items I don't need or ever use, like cleaning out that junk drawer lol.

Hopefully that will help you out. Some of those are some tough decisions to make. The New York Post did an article that explains things a little more in depth.

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