Planning Ahead For A Storm

Right now with 2 storms out there it got me thinking, when was the last time we visited being prepared for a storm. I know right now our concern is with Tropical Storm 8 that will likely cause a Rip Current concern for our beaches. In this time that we have been preparing for almost everything it seems like we need to plan even more for a possible storm. Just to try and help you get to thinking here are some things to think about and a reminder to make a plan, even if you don't have to use that plan.

Back during Dorian the NSC put up a great page for getting prepared CLICK HERE to check it out. Personally I prefer to go over the National Weather Service tools for staying prepared, you can check that out HERE.

The important things we can do now is to...

  • Make a list of supplies for your hurricane kit & restock if need be.
  • Organize your important documents.
  • Make sure you have an evacuation plan if you need it.

Here are some things to think about including rip currents which will be our current biggest threat during Tropical Depression 8. Keep an eye on those flags, it amazes me how many locals don't even pay attention to the flag warnings.

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