Residents Asked to Help Keep Stormwater Drains Clear

Residents Asked to Help Keep Stormwater Drains Clear

City of Pensacola Public Works & Facilities crews are working to clear leaves and other debris from stormwater drains and inlets to help minimize potential rainfall impacts from Hurricane Delta, which is expected to approach the northern Gulf Coast on Friday, Oct. 9. 

Residents are asked to help keep stormwater drains and inlets clear by not placing leaves and other debris in the roadway. Debris should be sorted and placed behind the curb, not on the road side of the curb or in the roadway. Leaves and other debris placed in the roadway may wash into stormwater drains and cause them to clog, which could lead to drainage and flooding issues during a rainfall event. 

Please see the graphic below or click here for information about how to sort and place debris. Residents are urged not to place new debris at the curb for pickup until after Hurricane Delta moves through the Gulf Coast and is no longer a potential threat to the area. 

Debris pickup will be ongoing. The City of Pensacola will notify the public before making the final debris collection sweep. To stay informed, sign up for email or text notifications through Notify Me or follow the City of Pensacola on Facebook.

An example of a stormwater drain clogged with leaves