Only People Who Grew Up in Florida Will Understand

If you're from Florida then according to Buzzfeed you'll understand this stuff. Since I didn't grow up in Florida I'm curious about how accurate the list is. Did they get it right? 

Here are the things I'm really curious about...

  • You're used to seeing arguably "strange" things in the news on a regular basis. 
  • You know Publix subs are the only subs
  • Your yard looks like an actual safari to out-of-state visitors. 
  • You know to check the front door and surrounding area for frogs, lizards and snakes so they don't get in the house. 
  • You know to look at the ground when you walk on grass so you don't fully step in an ant farm. 
  • You've been to Disney World... a lot. 
  • You don't find it strange that there are stores that literally only sell shells. 
  • You say "up north" when referring to traditionally southern states like Georgia and Alabama. 
  • You know the excitement of having a day off from school because of the hurricanes. 
  • You're more patient than your out-of-state friends when driving because you're used to old people taking their sweet time on the road.

CLICK HERE if you want to see the complete list. Then make a comment to let me know how accurate it is or what should be added to the list.

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