The Infamous Episode that Ended Joe Rogan's Version of "Fear Factor"

I used to love the show Fear Factor! Joe Rogan the original host talked about"Fear Factor" being canceled because they made contestants drink donkey "juice". He said, quote, "The show had to get more and more extreme, and it was very dangerous. It was freaking me out."

Joe says he got bored of the show during its first run, because it was getting repetitive. Quote, "We did 148 episodes. After a while, it was like, 'Jesus Christ how many animal penises can you serve people?'"

Joe went back the second time because he had young kids, and they offered him a lot more money. He says, quote, "It was a big deal, but I immediately regretted it."

MTV brought "Fear Factor" back in 2017, with Ludacris hosting

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